Some activities Mentor Mothers have been up to.

MM Susan Cole represented 4M at the Fast Track Cities Conference

MM Susan Cole represented 4M at the Fast Track Cities Conference, facilitating the discussion on HIV & Migration.

Our SG member, Professor Susan Bewley, volunteers at Parkrun

Professor Susan Bewley Parkrun

In the picture with Millie, she tells us. “I love volunteering at Parkrun, which is free diverse and encourages walkers as well as runners, people trying to get fitter, or even volunteers who’d like to marshal.  It’s not a race, as there is a volunteer Tail Walker who comes in last especially!  We all get up on Saturday morning and feel better by 10 a.m.!”

Thank You to Funders

Huge thank you to ViiVHC For funding Part 2 of our: Women! Our relationship with treatment and well-being: Knowledge Is Power Webinar series. More information on topics & guest speakers please see here.

Huge thank you too to GoodThingsFdn for gifts of data and devices, to support digital and data access for women we support. Your donation has made a huge impact, relieving isolation & enhancing access to virtual education & other key support.

Hope Made a Way: A memoir. Book authored by 4M Network member Lucy Njenga

Hope Made a Way book by Lucy Wanjiku Njenga

Congratulations to Mentor Mother Lucy, based in Kenya, who recently released her new book, Hope Made a Way.

“As many as the stars above are as many people who are just where you are, going through what you are going through and wanting the answers that you want. This is why I wrote Hope Made A Way because I knew so many like me needed to be reminded the power they hold, how resilient they are.

In this memoir, you will walk with me as I go through experiences of living in the slums of Nairobi. Overcoming abuse, trauma, teen pregnancy and it’s challenges, failed relationships and HIV.

It also speaks of hope and how it can be harnessed to overcome it all. The power of sisterhood and the resilience that we each carry in our person.“

Here is a link to access this little light of mine.

Mercy Nangwale

Congratulations to MM Mercy who has completed her year 2 community placement as part of her (BSc) Adult Nursing studies.

Husseina Hamza

MM Husseina

Congratulations to MM Husseina who presented her poster – Co-production in HIV research: reflections from a study on building relationships, conducting qualitative research and developing skills remotely, at a Round Table lunch session at #AIDSIMPACT2023 conference.

She presented from her perspective of Peer Researcher co-production in health research which involves collaborative partnership with people with lived experience.

Samantha Dawson

Congratulations to Mentor Mother Sam who rocked her 4M special #uequalsu dress at a presentation to Social Workers #JSWEC2023 in Glasgow.

LeaSuwanna Griffith

LeaSuwanna Griffith

Congratulations to Mentor Mother LeaSuwanna Griffith on her excellent panel input into the Gilead symposium – Who’s role is it anyway: the annual health reivew – at the national National HIV Nurses Association Conference #NHIVNA2023.

The session focussed on encouraging nurses that the annual review is a perfect time to get the most out of their patients, with meaningful questions. Including asking ‘Are you having good sex?’.

In the photo she is with Dr. Naomi Sutton, who chaired their session.

Susan Cole Haley, Fungai Murau and Mel Rattue

Congratulations to Susan who moderated the session: Health inequalities at the THT staff conference. A poem written by 4M Mentor Mother KC through her ‘Champions for Change’ work in Bristol, and a photo by Mentor Mother Charity was also shared for her work with the National HIV Testing week.

In the photo is MM Susan, in the middle and MMs Fungi on the left, who co-leads on our Pregnancy Journey workshops, and MM Mel on the right, who leads on Mindful sessions at all of our training, workshops and Date Nights.

Fungai Murau

Congratulations to Mentor Mother Fungi who is settling into her role as Health Inequalities Lead at Terence Higgins Trust, which she started in October 2022.

Our Stories Told By Us

4MNet is thrilled to share Our Stories Told By Us – A book launch held on Thursday 25th of May at Positive East. Authored by five Black African women living with HIV in the UK including 4M Mentor Mothers Memory Sachinkoye, Rebecca Mbewe, Charity Nyirenda and Angelina Namiba. This book focuses on the UK HIV epidemic, and within that reflects on the HIV experience of African communities through individual stories and reflections.

Here is the link to the website for details.

The Stepping Stones gender-transformative social norms change programme

The Stepping Stones gender-transformative social norms change programme works with participants of communities across the genders and generations, to build a shared vision to overcome the complex challenges they face with regard to their sexual and reproductive health and well-being.

Where the programmes have been well adapted, in line with the structure and principles of the original programmes, participants have described multiple positive outcomes, included reduced violence against women and girls, greater care, respect and support for people living with HIV, and happier, healthier and safer children.

If you would like to learn more, the newsletter for International Women’s Day 2023 is available here.

Royal Free Hospital London Women HIV Awareness Education day

Angelina Namiba was a guest speaker at the Womens HIV awareness day at the Royal Free Hospital in March 2023 providing information and support to Health Care Professionals caring for women with new or known diagnosis of HIV in pregnancy.

Health & Power

We are delighted to share the new broadcast Health & Power, Susan Cole is producing & co-hosting with Vanessa Apea, on health inequalities affecting people of colour & what we can do about it.

In this episode one of the guests is a doctor who focuses on maternal health inequity. It happens live at 5.30-6pm on aidsmap Twitter & Facebook.

You can read more about the program and future episodes on the nam aidsmap website.

When things fall apart

“From you I receive,
To you I give,
Together we share,
By this we live.” Satish Kumar.   

When things fall apart-  Alice Welbourn’s personal experiences of what she learnt about HIV, about herself and about others during her early years of living with her diagnosis. Please find her story below:

Angelina’s Pregnancy Journey Diary

First up is Angelina’s Pregnancy Journey Diary which can be found below

In this part one of Angelina’s pregnancy diary from 1999. Angelina describes her first feelings around expecting a baby.

Read Angelina’s Pregnancy Journey Diary Part 1 here.

Angelina’s pregnancy diary continues as she shares her journey through pregnancy and getting ready to meet her baby.

Read Angelina’s Pregnancy Journey Diary Part 2 here.

The third and last instalment of Angelina’s diary focuses on her last few weeks before meeting her baby.

Read Angelina’s Pregnancy Journey Diary Part 2 here.


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