Bearded and Flushed

4MNet was part of a project collaboration with Naz, PositivelyUK and Sophia Forum titled Bearded and Flushed, The Dry Vagina Monologues.  Led by NAZ and funded by the Sexual Health Reproductive Health and HIV Innovation Fund 2021-22. The project aimed to create a body of work that validates, stimulates and educates audiences about the impact of HIV on the Menopause. 

Using an early intervention, positive psychology and sex positive approach to the menopause, women living with HIV created safe spaces to give creative expression to one the most under spoken and under researched areas of women’s lives. This was through eight online writing workshops that developed a body of work for performance, designed for myth busting, self-esteem building, research generating, taboo breaking, public and online performance.

The ultimate aim of the project was improved awareness of the lived experience of women living with HIV & the menopause; reduced stigma & recommendations and development of evidence to shape wrap around care & support & policy.


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