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1st December 2021. On World AIDS day , 4MNet is excited to launch our National lottery funded FemiFesto 4M Reimagining the Future. Organisations and decision makers who have power to change policy and practice read this to improve our quality of life as women living with HIV.

4MNet Re-imagining the Future’ was a 9– month creative project that started in November 2020. Mentor Mothers were trained to use photography and creative writing to document and share our visions for better futures post-lockdown where all elements we need to be happy, healthy and safe are present.

Through this project, we used virtual peer sessions to reflect, analyse and share our ideas, photos and writing. Creative spaces are vital in enabling women’s voices and facilitating participation.

Using creativity, we document intersections that exist for us, envision holistic policy, practice, what we value most and show the contributions we make to society.

Using foresight and imagination we carry on being positively contributing members of our community and keep hope alive with intention.

4M Reimagining the Future Incredible Creative Writing Outputs (silver linings ) from our Resilient Mentor Mothers. Find creative writing from Mentor Mothers here

Find Femifesto Summary version here

Find Femifesto Longer version (with pictures taken by our Mentor Mothers) here


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