Format: Webinars

An introduction to and the benefits of a doula

Angelina interviews Matilda Brown. Matilda is a doula. In this interview, she explains what a doula is and how doulas can support parents and their families going through the pregnancy journey – as well as beyond – to feel empowered to navigate the whole experience with more confidence. Matilda’s website is Please click this […]

Webinar no. 21 – Clinical trials and how to engage in them

In webinar no. 21, Hajra Okhai of UCL explains how clinical trials are set up and how women living with HIV can engage with them. Longret Kwardem of 4M discusses the advantages to women living with HIV, researchers, clinicians and policy-makers alike of women’s meaningful involvement throughout the trial process. Click to view Hajra‘s presentation. […]

Webinar no. 18 – Women! Treatment and our wellbeing

Webinar no. 18 – Women! Treatment and our wellbeing Angelina Namiba talks with Simon Collins of HIV i-Base about treatment issues facing us as women living with HIV. NB please note that information in this talk is to help in discussions with your doctor and other health workers. To access the webinar, click here.

Webinar no. 15 – Mama Knows Breast!

In this webinar, co-hosted with our colleagues in ICW North America, we explore infant feeding options for women living with HIV in our respective regions. This webinar was recorded in August 2021. To view the webinar, click here.


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