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4M has a wealth of resources including posters, reports, webinars and our training manual.

Webinar no. 21 – Clinical trials and how to engage in them

In webinar no. 21, Hajra Okhai of UCL explains how clinical trials are set up and how women living with HIV can engage with them. Longret Kwardem of 4M discusses the advantages to women living with HIV, researchers, clinicians and policy-makers alike of women’s meaningful involvement throughout the trial process. Click to view Hajra‘s presentation. […]

Women, HIV and COVID: BHIVA 2022 Spring Conference Poster

In April 2022, 4M Mentor Mothers presented the poster shown here at the British HIV Association Spring Conference. The poster describes the challenges women have faced during COVID-19. We are delighted that 4M Mentor Mother Fungai Murau, who presented the poster, won the BHIVA Martin Fisher award for the best presentation in the field of […]

Women, HIV and infant feeding poster April 2022

4M Mentor Mother Janine McGregor-Read presented a poster on the issues women living with HIV in the UK face in relation to infant feeding. This poster was presented at the International Workshop on HIV and Women in April 2022. To view the full poster, click here. To view the full report on which the poster […]

Webinar no. 18 – Women! Treatment and our wellbeing

Webinar no. 18 – Women! Treatment and our wellbeing Angelina Namiba talks with Simon Collins of HIV i-Base about treatment issues facing us as women living with HIV. NB please note that information in this talk is to help in discussions with your doctor and other health workers. To access the webinar, click here.

Alliances & Collaborations

4MNet is a member of the One voice network and the National Digital Inclusion Network and an associate member of Hackney CVS. 4M has partnered with other organisations and you can access more resources below: 2023 Find Your Four 4M Net members were involved in the co-creation of the incredibly informative Find Your Four resources. Developed and […]

List of organisations offering support

In January 2020, as part of its 4M for Mental Health Programme, funded by MIND, 4M created a leaflet for mentor mothers and others, of organisations offering support. You can access this leaflet by clicking here.


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