4M Members have made many presentations in different fora over the years

March 2022

4M held a webinar on the 29th of March 2022 under the title Women! Treatment and our well being. To access the presentation made by Simon Collins please click the following link.

July 2021

Angelina Namiba took part in a panel discussion on the Community perspective on ensuring informed choices and enrolment of pregnant women in clinical trials at the IAS(International AIDS Society) conference in July 2021. To access the recording, please follow this link.

May 2021

Angelina made a presentation at the the SHARE Research Collaborative Inaugural Virtual Symposium held on the 5th of May 2021. In the presentation she discusses the need to focus on Health Equity. You can find the presentation here. To access the full symposium please click on the following link:

April 2021

Longret made a presentation on how 4M Mentor Mothers Network evolved over the years to become a CIC during the Emerging Futures Project Exhibition held on the 30th of April 2021. To access the presentation please click here.

April 2021

4M has produced a love list from its Group Session on relationships, held in April 2021.

To read the full details about what great info was shared, please click here.

March 2021

Angelina made a presentation at the online WHO IMPAACT meeting in March 2021. This was about preferences of women living with HIV in relation to drug trial participation during pregnancy. To access the whole presentation, click here.

October 2020

Longret Kwardem made a presentation about the importance of the meaningful involvement of women living with HIV in clinical trials.

This was part of the online International AIDS Society HIV Conference on drug therapy.

To access Longret’s visual presentation, click here.

July 2020

4M Mentor Mother Network Co-Director Longret Kwardem was invited to speak in a symposium about differentiated models of care in the International AIDS Society 2020 Conference.

You can view and hear her presentation here.


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