International Workshop on Women & HIV, 12th to 13th April 2024, Washington DC


International Workshop on Women & HIV, 12th to 13th April 2024, Washington DC

MM Fungai shares her reflection from the conference.

This year’s hybrid edition was held on 12&13 April 2024 in Washington DC, attended by 348 delegates (172 in person & 176 virtually). 4M Network of mentor mothers had three members in attendance – Fungai and Angelina, members of the Organising Committee, and Estelle – 4M Lead Mentor Mother Mobiliser, who womaned the 4M stand. Both Fungai and Angelina co-chaired sessions. Presentations available to view online.

Topics discussed ranged Impact of Global Crisis on Women living with HIV, treatment, prevention, pregnancy, breastfeeding to name just a few. 

Some Take home messages :

  1. Language matters – we need to use always people first. Let’s stop using stigmatising words or phrases such as Fully blown AIDS “(it’s not like one can have half blown AIDS)” , disclosing one’s HIV status, everyone supporting women living with HIV in all our diversities need to us the people first charter. Everyone includes, (not limited to) researchers, Healthcare professionals, our peers, family, friends and most importantly ourselves. 
  2. In order to keep us engaged in care healthcare professionals need to work in a holistic manner. As we are aging with HIV we are experiencing co-morbidities which means multiple health care professionals looking after us. A clear pathway of care that’s manageable for us needs to be established. We need to be at the centre of the establishment of that pathway. Nothing for us without us.
  3. While the formula of diet and exercise to achieve/maintain healthy body weight works for some, it does not work for everyone. Some ARV’s cause weight gain which makes it difficult to exercise. Diet plans recommended should take into consideration cultural background.
  4. Young women who acquired HIV vertically have probably been taking ARV’s for longer that those who acquired HIV later on in life. This is a demographic that needs to be meaningfully researched more.

This workshop is both educational and engaging. I highly recommend anyone interested in the management of the health of Women living with HIV to attend. While this is a scientific workshop, I would like to see more community representation at the next workshop which will be held in April 2025 in Barcelona.


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