Fiona is passionate about the work women and girls are doing everywhere in their communities and supporting others around them. For her, this is the motivational stuff of life – yet this work is often done without recognition, support, funding or payment. While she is not living with HIV herself, she thinks women living with HIV have done amazing feminist work to deepen the global understanding of intersectional and gendered inequalities, and is proud to be involved in the HIV response as a collaborator and supporter.

She works as an independent consultant and Salamander Trust Associate, focusing on gender, HIV, violence against women and girls, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. She’s a member of the Making Wavescollective, part of the 4M advisory steering committee, and a Trustee of Nomad (a community of young people and collaborators who come from all walks of life including migrants and people who have experience of being a refugee or asylum seeker, based in Harrow, London), and LIVErNORTH (a national liver patient support group).