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Infant feeding for women living with HIV in the UK

We are happy to announce the publication of our new position paper on infant feeding for women living with HIV in the UK. This sets out our perspectives on the pros and cons of formula feeding and breastfeeding by women living with HIV in this high-income setting. It concludes by emphasising the importance of upholding women’s informed […]

New Advocacy Brief

We are delighted to release our new Advocacy Brief, which documents our more recent activities and advocates for ensuring the sexual and reproductive health and rights of all women living with HIV across their perinatal care. Our Annex provides a year-by-year summary of all our activities. The 3-page summary, is here. The full Advocacy Brief is here.

Webinar no.12 – HIV, pregnancy and COVID-19

Webinar no. 12 took place on International Women’s Health Day. This time our theme was HIV, pregnancy and COVID-19. Our speakers were Dr Alison Wright FRCOG of the Royal Free Hospital London and FIGO; and Elaine Cunnea, Head of Counselling at NAZ. To access the webinar, click here.

Webinar no.11 – violence against women and mental health issues

Webinar no. 11 took place in 2 parts, on 2nd and 9th April. This webinar is about violence against women and mental health issues in relation to the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women living with HIV. It also discusses the importance of trauma-informed care and offers some suggestions about how to improve […]

Research on the use of WhatsApp

An article about our research on the use of WhatsApp for our 4M MM network has been published in the AIDS Care Journal. To access an abstract to the article, please click here.

Webinar no.10 – Women, HIV and the menopause

Webinar no. 10 about women, HIV and the menopause. This took place on 6 February, with Dr Shema Tariq. This webinar recording is now available here. For background reading about the PRIME study, on which her webinar was based, please click on the following links: PRIME study overview report BMJ article AIDSCare article

4M Peer Mentor Training of Trainers Manual launched

We are thrilled to announce the e-launch of our 4M Peer Mentor Mothers Training of Trainers Manual. This is the culmination of over 5 years of work, developing and delivering training materials created by, with, and for women living with HIV, to support them as they go on their pregnancy journey. Training workshops, on which […]


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