We are delighted to announce that in the next stage of its development the 4M project has become its own Community Interest Company. Whilst it will still be fully supported by Salamander Trust until it is able to thrive alone, we all see this is an important part of the process of this work. To celebrate this, we have launched our new logo.

The announcement was made during a presentation by 4M at the STOPAIDS quarterly meeting in July 2019, where the theme was Quality of Life.  The presentation was entitled “Our SRHR in the context of Positive Parenting: Reclaiming our Quality of Life“. To access the presentation, click here.

Lastly in July, Longret Kwardem presented with Kirsten Hay of Northumbria University a poster about our joint participatory  research at the AIDS IMPACT Conference. The research is about the effectiveness of the 4M closed WhatsApp group in supporting the group members. The findings of this research were overall very positive. The poster can be viewed here.