Alliances & collaborations

4MNet is a member of the One voice network     .

And an associate member of Hackney CVS    

4M has partnered with other organisations and you can access more resources below:

Nourish-UK: HIV and infant-feeding study

The Nourish-UK study team aims to understand how new mothers or birthing parents living with HIV decide how to feed their newborn babies. If you are pregnant or have given birth in the last year, get in touch if you would like to take part. You can email [email protected] or call/WhatsApp her +44 (0) 7385466115. You can access the website here and the recruitment video here.

Angelina Namiba participated in the “Health is a Wealth” podcast. Part 1 of the podcast can be found here and Part 2 of the podcast can be found here

To understand more about the Covid 19 vaccinations and pregnancy, read the Q and A here

Angelina Namiba and Simon Collins from HIV i-Base compiled useful information about Covid19 vaccines. Follow this link for more information.

4M partnered with ICW North America for a Mama knows Breast webinar: A discussion on breastfeeding and HIV. Follow this link for more information.


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